Chrono Trigger: Resurrection

07.09.04 - New Team Members Announcement

We would like to welcome two new team members, Moise Breton and Michel Cadieux.

Mo comes from the film industry and brings his cinematic and artistic modeling talents to the project. Did we mention that he worked on facial modeling of Agent Smith and Neo in "The Matrix Reloaded"? :) Michel has been in the game industry for 3 years and it shows. This fluid and inspirational animations already bring life to our project and we are deeply satisfied with his work.

In commemoration of this event, we are releasing a screenshot of someone who we've wanted to show for a long time -- Magus! This screenshot, in addition with 5 other new screenshots, will be shown in the August edition of the Swedish gaming magazine, SuperPLAY.

Click here to see what Magus looks like!

- Chrono Trigger: Resurrection Team

06.10.04 - High-Resolution Screens Update!

As promised (although a bit late), we have some high-resolution screenshots from the E3 build available here. The primary reason for releasing these are the requests for desktop backgrounds.

- Chrono Trigger: Resurrection Team

05.21.04 - Web site is back!

We're back online after a much deliberated void, thanks to our previous Web host. Now that we have situated that out, the site should be up 100%. *Crosses Fingers*

Nathan and Luis went to E3 and found it very, very inspiring. There were tons of new games that have made everyone on the team go back to the drawing board, in some respects. The team's favorite sights at this year's E3 were: Metal Gear Solid 3 (PS2), Legend of Zelda (GC), Halo 2 (Xbox), PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, Metroid Prime 2 (GC), Ace Combat 5 (PS2), and Final Fantasy XII (PS2). There are plenty of other games that we really enjoyed, but those were the top of the top. Square's booth was also very well designed.

We are preparing high-resolution, in-game screenshots which will be available within a week in the Media section.

- Chrono Trigger: Resurrection Team

05.11.04 - Off to E3!

Some of the team will be away at E3 for the next week.

We would like to take this time to thank everyone who has visited the Web site and supported us. We are overwhelmed with your support and visits. (So much so, that our host temporarily suspended the Web site!)

We have also concatenated all of the media into one big ZIP file so that we can cut down on bandwidth. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

- Chrono Trigger: Resurrection Team

05.07.04 - Chrono Trigger: Resurrection Web Site Launched!

Welcome to the home of the Chrono Trigger: Resurrection project!  We have been vigorously working for the past year on this project and we're excited to bring it to the public eye, in full, for the first time.

Chrono Trigger: Resurrection is a 3D remake of Square's SNES classic, Chrono Trigger.  The demo, which will be released Christmas 2004, re-creates ten of the best scenes from the original game.

Currently, the demo is 25% complete.  We expect to release a trailer when the demo is over 50% completed, which should be around the end of August.  When the project is completed, only the PC version will be released to the public for free.  The GameCube and Xbox ports are internal and only official developers (for those respective platforms) will be able to play them.

There are various screenshots of scenes, characters, stock art, concept art, and even some sample music located in the Media section.  We invite you to navigate around the rest of Web site to find out any information about the project and post your thoughts on the forums.

We hope you look forward to our next news update.

- Chrono Trigger: Resurrection Team