September 6th, 2004

It is with our deepest regret that we have to announce the closure of the Chrono Resurrection project.   Square Enix Co., Ltd issued a Cease and Desist letter which means the project is publicly closed indefinitely.

We have devoted enormous amounts of energy in creating our vision of Chrono Trigger.  We hope everyone enjoyed this experience as much as we did.  As a goodbye gift to fans, a teaser trailer and screenshots of the last part of development of Chrono Resurrection are available for download.

We want to thank our message board users and fans who've e-mailed for their continued support.  We'll be back soon with something new and fresh.

In-Game Trailer
Trailer (Normal Quality DivX - 24 MB)
Trailer (Low Quality DivX - 18 MB)

Note: These movies require the DivX codec and a compatible media player. (e.g. Windows Media Player/DivX Player)
Click Here to download DivX.

In-Game Screenshots
Crono at Zenan
Time Gates
Guardia's Coastline
View of Guardia
House Downstairs
Crono Room 1
Crono Room 2
Imp's March
Magus' Arrogance
Crono Rising
Lightning 3
Under the Bridge of Zenan
Epic Sunset
Zenan Bridge
Frog Concept
Zombor Concept

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